City Council meeting

The following agenda items were approved when the Chipley City Council met Tuesday night.

  • Approval of Ordinance No. 956 (Public Hearing) – Abandonment of Unopened Right of-Way – Terry Kirkland – Oak Ave. This Ordinance will close an unopened right-of-way also known as Oak Avenue.
  • Approval of Resolution No. 19-07 – Affirmative Action Plan/EEO Plan. This resolution will adopt a policy relating to the employment of small, women owned and minority businesses for use in administering Community Development Block Grants.
  • Approval of Resolution No. 19-08 – Prohibition of Use of Excessive Force Policy. This resolution will adopt a policy for the protection of individuals engaging in non-violent civil rights demonstrations to prohibit the use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies within its jurisdiction.
  • Approval of Resolution No. 19-09 – Citizens Participation Plan. This resolution will adopt a Citizen Participation Plan to provide the citizens of Chipley with an adequate opportunity for meaningful involvement on a continuing basis and for participation in the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of the Community Development Block Grant Program.
  • Approval of Resolution No. 19-10 – Citizens Complaint and Grievance Procedures. This resolution will adopt Citizens Complaint and Grievance Procedures for the City of Chipley.
  • Approval of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Administration Contract. This contract remains the same as the following year at $2,075.00 per month for the Administration of the CRA by the Chamber of Commerce. It is for the period of October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.
  • Approval of Hurricane Michael Overtime Pay for Salaried Employees

Discussion was held relative to request for citizen utility bill adjustments due to lack of services during the storm – Doris Robinson.