VES 5th Grade Spelling Bee

Vernon Elementary held their 5th grade spelling bee today.

Congratulations to:

  • 1st place – Amber Reed
  • 2nd place – Caiden Coltrane
  • 3rd place – Mattie’lin Capps
  • Alternate – Alyric Hooks
spelling bee winners

Amber Reed, Caiden Coltrane, Mattie’lin Capps, Alyric Hooks

Other students who participated were…Josiah Webb, Clayton O’Neal, Dante Siples, Cole Morrison, Alli Bray, Zephyr Stephens, Hunter Zigler, Ayden Morales, Alayah Grossett, Aidan Riveras, Taliyah Brown, Brayden Drennen, Martin Everett, Madison Coatney and Jordaun Ridgeway.

Thank you to the caller of words, Gail Seaboch, and judges: Dr. Lou Cleveland, Milton Brown and Linda Ellis.