Preachers’ kids receive unexpected gift at BCF

Jokes and stories about preachers’ kids are a staple item in almost any church. Usually these stories emphasize the mischievous behavior of preachers’ kids in general and a few in particular. Contrary to some of these stories, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) believes that preachers’ kids are a very unique and special group. They represent homes where Christ is honored and proclaimed. They also represent churches where they see their parent’s serve as both church leaders and church members. This role has many blessings, but sometimes involves extra challenges and sacrifices for the preachers’ kids.

BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen presents $500 tuition scholarships to Preachers’ Kids.

Recently, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen and Dr. Tommy Green, Executive Director of the Florida Baptist Convention, initiated a partnership to honor Florida Baptist ministers and the preachers’ kids who come from their homes. The convention and the college joined in presenting a gift of $500 to each of the students who is a Florida Baptist preachers’ kid and attends The Baptist College of Florida. Each gift comes as a deposit in the student’s account to be used for tuition at the college.

According to Kinchen, “Dr. Green and I are committed to providing the very finest in Bible based, Christ centered higher education for all of our students. However, in this case, we want to say a special ‘Thank You’ to our Florida Baptist ministers and their families. We hope that this will be a demonstration of our appreciation for their sacrifice and service.” Kinchen noted further, “While this first gift is a one-time occasion, we hope that we will be able to continue this type of action in the future. We hope that this type of expression will encourage students who are preachers’ kids and their families.”

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