WFEC projection maps – Oct. 24

GRACEVILLE – The following maps of West Florida Electric’s service territory are separated based on the severity of the devastation to our system in each county. Please refer to each map’s legend for projected restoration days.

The dark colored lines on the East Jackson County and Calhoun County maps represent where the co-op’s three phase primary power lines are located. They distribute power from the substations to our members. Members who have electric service along these lines will have their power restored first (estimate of 5+ days from today). The yellow area represents members who live within close proximity to the primary lines and they will be restored next (estimate of 10+ days from today). The largest shaded area depicts where members are located far away from the primary lines. Unfortunately, these members will be getting their power restored later than the other two areas (estimate of 20+ days from today).

East Jackson County

Calhoun County

The West Jackson-Washington County map is divided into two colors. These areas will also be restored beginning with the three phase primary lines and then down to the single phase tap lines.

West Jackson-Washington CountyThese maps are applicable to WFEC members only in these areas. Service has already been restored to some members in each colored area. All WFEC members are encouraged to make plans accordingly, especially if you have someone in your care who has medically essential needs. Please keep in mind that these are ONLY estimates and based off the process by which power has to be restored when major outages such as this occur.

All portions of Holmes County served by the cooperative have power restored at this time – with the exception of home’s that could not safely receive power due to needing repairs.

Holmes County: 7,482 meters restored (100% of members served out of the Bonifay & Graceville district offices)
Washington County: 3,035 meters restored (72%)
Jackson County: 5,596 meters restored (41%) (ten times the devastation)
Calhoun County: 540 meters restored (19%) (ten times the devastation)
Total restored: 16,653 meters out of 28,317 are restored at this time

We’d like to remind our members to stay away from downed lines – never touch one or drive over one. Also, when using back-up generators, follow all manufacturer’s safety instructions. Thank you for your continued patience, prayers and support.