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The SBA and SBDC are now located at the Agricultural Center in Chipley and not at the Chamber building.

Situation Report – Hurricane Michael: Click Here


In an effort to help businesses and residents with recovery efforts after Hurricane Michael, the Chipley Redevelopment Agency Board designed two programs to assist in those efforts.

CRA Tree Removal Program

This grant is only for Building Owners and Homeowners located within the CRA (See Map). 

Application and Other Requirements

  1. Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2019, or until available funds have been depleted.
  2. Submit one copy of the grant application and supporting material (application, estimates, proof of vendor insurance, etc.) and send the application by mail, email or fax.
  3. Applicants may receive funding under this program only once in answer to the devastating damage of Hurricane Michael.
  4. The maximum individual award will be $500 per address.   A paid receipt (via check, cash receipt or credit card receipt) from a licensed contractor for work completed will be required.  If removal work is paid in cash, a receipt will be required before award can be made.  The CRA will contact contractors to verify the work.

CRA Emergency Loan Program


Loans in this program are available for the purpose of assistance with emergency repairs to roofs on commercial and residential properties, structural integrity and health & safety within the boundaries of the area described and certified as the Chipley Redevelopment Area as a result of Hurricane Michael.

Amount Limitation and Terms

  1. Three monetary categories of loans are:

$3,000 at 1% interest for 3 years

$5,000 at 1.5% interest for 5 years

$10,000 at 1.75% interest for 6 years

$20,000 at 2% interest for 7 years.

Eligibility will be on first come, first serve basis.  No payment required for first 90 days.


To qualify for said loan, the property owner must prove to the satisfaction of the CRA Board of Directors that the proposed repairs address one or more of the following weather emergency conditions:

  1. Health and safety concerns as may be determined by the local building inspector under the existing local commercial and residential building codes due to storm damage.
  2. Interior repairs necessary to correct defects affecting the structural integrity of the building due to storm damage.
  3. Roof repairs due to storm damage.

Both the  Emergency Loan Application and the 2018 Tree Removal Program will be accepting applications until January 31, 2019, or until available funds have been depleted.

For more information:

By mail to:

Chipley Redevelopment Agency

P.O. Box 457

Chipley, FL 2428

By fax to:


Email Submissions:

Questions may be directed to: