WFEC evening update – October 16

GRACEVILLE – Multiple requests for information regarding the number of days the power will be out for specific areas have been made. Unfortunately, we cannot narrow that down to particular roads or defined areas. However, we have been able to estimate the number of days the power could be out in each county served by the co-op.

The following figures apply only to members who have not sustained damage directly to their home’s service entrance and who can safely accept power:

  • Washington & Holmes Counties: within 10 days – 90% restored & within 14 days – 100% restored
  • Jackson County: within 20 days – 50% restored; within 25 days –  75% restored & within 30 days – 100% restored
  • Calhoun County: 30 plus days before the majority of members are restored

As the co-op continues working and assessing damage, more detailed information should become available.

In regard to additional progress, two circuits coming out of the Alford substation have been repaired today and crews are currently working on the third circuit.

In addition, the cooperative now has approximately 600 linemen and right-of-way workers helping restore power in our area. Thirty-nine more men also are expected to arrive tomorrow morning.

We continue to have members inquiring about how to pay their bill since the due date was the 15th. To make payment, members can mail payments to the Graceville office as usual. They can also place payments in the night deposit at the Bonifay and Graceville offices or make payments online ( or with the mobile app. The Sneads office building sustained damage from Hurricane Michael so no payments can be accepted there until further notice. Neither delinquent charges nor penalties will be charged for payments that were late on the 15th of this month as a result of Hurricane Michael. The co-op is currently working under a grace period until further notice.

Follow the co-op on social media or visit the website for more information. This is currently one of the few ways we have to communicate with our members due to the lack of phone service in our area.