West Florida Electric update

GRACEVILLE – The West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) electric distribution system has experienced significant damage due to Hurricane Michael. The cooperative serves approximately 28,000 meters in Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson & Washington Counties. Last night, there were 2,852 members out in Calhoun County; 12,755 in Jackson County; 4,059 in Holmes County and 4,130 in Washington County. This makes for a total of 23,769 members still without power. We are restoring power daily – about 1,900 members had their power restored yesterday. Due to the extent of the devastation to our distribution system, it will be weeks before power is restored to every WFEC member.

At this time, PowerSouth, WFEC’s generation & transmission cooperative has restored power to five substations including Pittman, Graceville, Westville, Bonifay and Campbellton. We expect the Chipley substation to be restored today. Please remember, that even if the substation has power from the generation side, there are many trees on lines, downed power lines and broken poles between your house and the substation. That damage must be repaired before power can be restored to homes.

The closer you are to a substation, the sooner your power will most likely be restored. We sincerely wish we could tell each one of you exactly when your power will be restored, but due to the sheer extent of the damages we have incurred that is not possible.

WFEC employees 32 linemen. Today, we have 400 additional line workers and right-of-way workers helping restore power in our service area. An additional 44 linemen and right-of-way workers arrived this morning and additional crews continue arriving daily.

WFEC’s phone lines are currently still inoperable. Our IT department continues working with the local telephone provider to resolve the communications failure. At this time, please do not be concerned about paying your bill, delinquents or penalties of any sort. We will let you know when we can resume normal business operations. Our offices will be closed until further notice.

The cooperative will continue providing restoration updates on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wfeca) and our website www.westflorida.coop each evening.