Top readers at KMS

Kate M. Smith is proud to announce the top ten readers in each grade level for the first nine-week period:

1st Grade

Douglas Russ

Presley Sawyer

Trig Wright

Raegan Wiwi

Jaxson Fussell

Elijah Reynolds

Addalynn Brown

Aven Strickland

Landen Pursley

Sophie Kelly

2nd Grade

Kinleigh Peel

Trace Pelfrey

Bella Price

Prince Douglas

Breanna Kopinski

Cayden Montgomery

Jordan Goines

Riley Collins

Annuhlise Guinand

Caden Anderson

3rd grade

Luke Kincaid

Brayden Ray

Keira Murray

Liam Pugeda

Xaiden Davis

Dasia Daffin

Tatum Register

Jordan Ratton

Lilah Wiser

Reese Russ

4th Grade

Addison Heming

Weston Thomas

Steve Sacramento

Alexis Hanger

Patrick Garcia

Khloe Nguyen

Jeremiah Baker

Mason Taylor

Maurion Henderson

Carter Holley

5th Grade

Maggie Clifton

Jonathan Patton

Abigail Hagy

Andrew Hampton

Callie Hicks

Railey Holley

Shade Barfield

Lane Pelfrey

Audrey Stephens

Hailee Akins

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