AVID trip to WAVE

Friday, September 28th, Vernon High School AVID 3 and 4 went to Washington County’s newest school, WAVE.  Students dressed in costume and read various children’s books to the students.  They then did the “Baby Shark Challenge” where they taught the students the words and motions to the Baby Shark song.

The AVID students and WAVE students enjoyed themselves tremendously.  AVID student, Asjia Wright, said, “The trip our AVID class made to the Washington County WAVE School was really heart warming. It touched me more than I imagined it would. Seeing the kids light up to our costumes and interact with the dances was more than enough to make me feel like I completed my job as a human being.”

AVID teacher, Anna Beth Rackley said that the VHS students made connections with the WAVE students in ways she did not expect.  “One VHS student that is typically a more reserved gentleman came out of his shell, playing peek-a-boo with the younger children. He even danced around to make them laugh.  I loved seeing these students step out of their typical environment and thrive!”