Message from Supervisor of Elections

“The Supervisor of Elections office is, once again receiving phone calls from VERY upset voters in Washington County,” stated Carol Rudd, Supervisor of Elections for Washington County. “Letters have been mailed out from the ‘Voter Participation Center’ and appear to be official mail from our office or from a State agency.”

“These letters are NOT coming from any governmental agency,” Rudd continued. “They are being addressed to voters who may have been deceased and some callers state the mail has been addressed to a ‘six year old’.  Again, this mailer did not come from your local Supervisor of Elections office, nor did they receive a mailing list from our office.”

Rudd spoke with Jen Carrier this morning to relay the concerns of the voters who have already called. Click the link below for a copy of the letter Carrier forwarded to Rudd.

Dear Director Matthews and Supervisor Lux