Garden Club starts new year with scarecrow fest

submitted by Gweneth Collins

Chipley Garden Club began the 2018-19 club year on Wednesday, September 5th at the home of Gweneth and Wade Collins in Chipley.  The meeting was hosted by Gweneth Collins, First Vice President Gail Exum and Dorothy Odom.

President Debbie Mitchell welcomed everyone, introduced two new members, and recapped several events since the May meeting.  The highlight was the field trip to Euliss Locke’s garden and she was happy to report he has volunteered to be one of the gardens for our 2019 Garden Walks & English Tea event.  She reported the 2018 Spring FFGC District II meeting in Bonifay was well attended and the group enjoyed a tour of the Waits Mansion.

Plans were discussed for the 2018 Fall FFGC State Officers meeting that Chipley Garden Club will be hosting in October.  Heather Lopez of the Tourist Development Council thanked the club for sponsoring the Chipley Christmas Fest and for agreeing to man the Glitter Pinecone Station on December 7th.

Club Treasurer Mary Carswell reported the Washington County Master Gardeners are assisting the staff at Falling Waters State Park with a new landscape plant featuring native plants.  Several garden club members are also Master Gardeners.

Scarecrow Chairperson Gweneth Collins reported “SCARECROWS AND INDIANS” – our annual scarecrow building contest and history fest – will be held on Saturday, September 22nd from 10AM until 3PM at the Historical Society Museum. The club’s scarecrow collection has been refreshed and is displayed  downtown and surrounding the green at the museum. Kim Patterson reported she has at least 15 vendors lined up for the event. Dorothy Odom reported both museums and the Farmers Market will be open the day of the festival.

Black Swallow-WortPale Swallow-WortWildflower Chair Glenda Wilson provided information on an invasive wildflower species, Black Swallow-Wort and Pale Swallow-Wort, that is threatening the Monarch butterfly.  Both vines are in the milkweed family; however the monarch caterpillars die after they eat the vine’s leaves. These vines are very difficult to control since seeds can remain in the soil for up to five years. Pull it out, burn it, dig it up and spray it – it is deadly to our Monarch population.

Following the business meeting, a pot-lunch luncheon and fellowship was enjoyed by all. If you are interested in attending the next meeting or would like more information about Chipley Garden Club, please contact President Debbie Mitchell at 638-0536. The club welcomes new members at anytime during the year.