Pensacola man arrested on drug charges

On August 3 at approximately 11:04 p.m. troopers were called to assist Tyndall Security due to a possible crash at Tyndall Parkway and Sabre Drive at the entrance to Tyndall Airforce Base. When troopers arrived and began to investigate it was discovered, that the vehicle (2001 Silver Mercedes) did not crash but drove off the roadway due to the vehicle being driven recklessly.

Roger W. FullerContact was made with the driver and he was identified as Roger William Fuller (29 yoa) of Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Fuller was found to be extremely intoxicated. A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) investigation was initiated. During the course of the investigation it was found that Mr. Fuller was in possession of several illegal narcotics on his persons.

Mr. Fuller was transported to Bay Medical Center due to his level of impairment for treatment. Mr. Fuller was released from the hospital and booked in the Bay County Jail for the following charges.

1. Trafficking in Methamphetamines (Felony)

2. Possession of Cocaine (Felony)

3. Possession of controlled substance 3 counts (Felony)

4. Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)

5. Driving on Suspended License (Misdemeanor)

6. Driving under the influence (Misdemeanor)