City Council meeting

Council members approved Ordinance No. 951 (first reading) – Amending Chapter 19, Utilities, when the Chipley City Council met Tuesday night. This ordinance will reduce the water and waste water impact fees.

No action was taken on Ordinance No. 952 (first reading) – Amending Chapter 3-16 – Alcoholic Beverages. Council members are still working with the city attorney to refine definitions. This ordinance, if approved, will change the requirements for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Resolution No. 18-13 – FDOT LAP 5th Street Drainage Improvements Agreement FPID 436993-1-58-01 & 436993-1-68-01 was approved. This resolution authorizes the execution of the agreement which will fund $245,555 for the construction and CEI. The project is .263 miles and will include the construction of stormwater drainage improvements, including a stormwater pond, associated stormwater piping, and stormwater control structures, along 5th Street from Harrell Ave to CR 273 South Blvd.

P&Z Development Order – Washington County School Board – Football Stadium was approved. Phase I consists of retrofitting and construction of ADA compliant sidewalks and access to the existing stadium. Phase II consists of removing the existing parking on the north side of the stadium and constructing a 1,350 sq. ft. restroom and concession stand.

P& Z Development Order – Washington County School Board – Old Kate Smith Site was approved. This project will refurbish two buildings to accommodate the Washington County School Board offices and approximately 59,699 sq. ft. of new asphalt parking/drive area will be constructed.

No action was taken on a Request for Gilbert Acres Road Closure – This would abandon a portion of Gilbert Drive. Council members requested more information.

A Request for Commissioner Appointment to Chipley Housing Authority was approved – reappointment of Ms. Katherine Landreth for a four year term from April 13, 2018 through April 13, 2022.

A special event application for a gospel concert at Gilmore Park on June 22 was approved.