CRAA installs officers

The Chipola Regional Arts Association recently held the installation of new officers and board of directors.


New officers for are, from left:  Jo-Ann Anderson, Treasurer; Macky Gortemoller, Mini-Grant Co-Chair; Roy Turner, Member at Large; Barbara James, Washington County Rep.; Dr. Jerry Kandzer, Vice President and Program Chair; Polly Roberts, Promotional Chair; Jim Roberts, Hospitality Co-Chairman; Trinka Sandifer, Historian; Joan Stadsklev, President; Hope Peacock, Calhoun County Rep.; and George Sweeney, Hospitality Co-Chairman. Not pictured are: Muriel Turner, Secretary; Dr. Christine Yoshikawa, Membership Chair; Bob Hoff, Hospitality Co-Chair; Shirley Owens, Holmes County Representative; and Mary Hinson, Mini-Grant Co-Chair.

CRAA promotes arts programs in the Chipola five county district, including offering mini-grants to K-12 teachers for fine arts classroom use and funding in part the Chipola College Artist Series.  CRAA is currently accepting donations for the Partner in the Arts campaign to support next year’s programs. Contributors to this campaign have the unique opportunity to help support the arts in their community. For more information about the Chipola Regional Arts Association, call (850) 718-2277.