Flash flood watch and tropical storm warning

As Subtropical Storm ALBERTO approaches the Gulf Coast and transitions to a Tropical Storm, Washington County has been placed under a FLASH FLOOD WATCH and a TROPICAL STORM WARNING.

4-8” of rain is likely through Tuesday and as stronger rain bands move through, higher amounts are possible creating flash flooding in some areas of the county.  Rain from Alberto will begin this afternoon and continue through Monday evening.

Winds will increase through the afternoon and evening hours into Monday.  Sustained Tropical Storm Force Winds of 40 mph are expected with higher gusts possible.

The tornado threat will increase this afternoon into Monday morning.

River flooding is likely beginning Tuesday and through the rest of the work week.

The tornado threat will be increasing this afternoon but more significant after midnight into Monday morning.

The biggest impacts to Washington County from Tropical Storm Alberto is the possibility of flash flooding, river flooding, and isolated tornadoes.  Therefore, there are no plans to open Hurricane Shelters.  If you feel you are not safe in your home, we encourage you to make arrangements to stay with friends or family in a more secure home or outside the warning area all together.

Take precautionary measures now to protect your property and consider the possibility of extended power/phone outages for the next 24-72 hours.  Have food, water, adequate medicine/medical supplies, fuel for your vehicle, flashlights and batteries.

When winds reach a sustained 45 mph, most high profile vehicles (including emergency vehicles) are not available for response.

For ongoing weather information visit the Emergency Management, Washington County, Florida Facebook Page.