Check presentation at BOCC meeting

Nestlé Waters presented a $15,000 check to the Washington County Board of County Commissioners on Thursday, May 24, for the Culpepper Landing Boat Launch Restoration Project.

Culpepper Landing is one of the primary boat launches on Holmes Creek that the public uses to access Cypress Springs and this $179,000 project will make needed upgrades.

“Washington County and the City of Chipley have been great partners of ours for years,” said Kent Koptiuch, Nestlé Waters Florida Natural Resources Manager. “In fact, every bottle of Zephyrhills® Natural Spring Water carries the names of both Nestlé Waters and Washington County right on the label. We also take great care in all of our operations around the country to ensure we are being strong water stewards and helping protect the environment – our Zephyrhills® operations are no exception.”

This investment aligns with Nestlé Waters’ goal of helping further develop communities and stewarding resources for future generations by protecting Florida’s springs so they can be enjoyed by Floridians for years to come.

Pictured from left: Commissioners Tray Hawkins and Steve Joyner, Nestlé Waters Florida Natural Resources Manager Kent Koptiuch, Commissioner Todd Abbott, Nestlé Waters Florida Natural Resources Manager George Ring, Commissioners Alan T. Bush and Charles Kent.