Improved scores

Washington County proudly announces the improvement of Third Grade English Language Arts scores.  On May 24, 2018, Florida Department of Education released 3rd grade ELA scores.  While the state average declined in the previous year’s scores, 66% of Washington County third graders scored a 3 or higher on the FSA ELA.  This is a 2% increase from the previous year. Washington County School District 3rd grade scores have steadily increased over the past 4 years.

Third grade students are required to demonstrate proficiency in reading to be promoted to 4th grade.  One measure of this reading is on the ELA.  Students who score below a 3 are given the opportunity to attend a summer reading camp to help improve their reading skills.  Third graders are also able to use a concordant score or a portfolio to demonstrate their reading proficiency.  Research has shown that students who are not reading on grade level in 3rd grade are at risk for not graduating.

Congratulations to all staff, families and students for the hard work in achieving this high standard!

ELA scores

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  1. I do in my heart feel that these teachers (Ms.Griffis) have the ability to find what it takes for each student .. I’m lucky to have such an awesome teacher for my daughter. She has loved being part of 3rd grade and i know without the patience, knowledge, and just genuinely caring about and wanting the best from each student, these types of scores would not be possible. Thank you so much 3rd grade teachers for all you do. V.E.S #1!!!!

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