Chipola baseball players named All-Tournament and All-State

MARIANNA—The hits keep coming for the State Champion Chipola College baseball team which will defend their NJCAA National Championship in Grand Junction, CO, beginning Saturday, May 26.

After successfully defending their 2017 State FCSAA Title on May 17, seven players and their coach have been named to the FCSAA All-Tournament, All-State and All-Gulf District teams.

All Tournament picks include: Infield: Morgan McCollough; Outfield: Edmond Americaan; Catchers: Max Guzman and Austin Bates; Pitchers: Phillip Sanderson and Trevor Holloway; Pitcher of the Tournament: Phillip Sanderson; Tournament MVP: Max Guzman. Chipola Coach Jeff Johnson was named FCSAA Coach of the Year.

Three Chipola players were named FCSAA All-State: First-Team: Catcher: Max Guzman and Pitcher: Andrew Grogan. Second-team, Outfield: Edmond Americaan.

Two Chipola players were named to the DI All-Gulf District team: Catcher: Max Guzman and Pitcher: Andrew Grogan.

Pictured from left, are: (top) Coach Jeff Johnson, FCSAA Coach of the Year; Morgan McCullough, Edmond Americaan, MVP Max Guzman, (bottom) Austin Bates, Trevor Holloway, Philip Sanderson and Andrew Grogan.