Pate announces run for re-election

Clint Pate

Clint Pate

Clint Pate announces his run for re-election for Jackson County Commissioner District 2. Pate was born in Graceville, Florida in 1961 to Joel and Shirley Pate. He was raised on the Jackson and Washington County line, south of Graceville. After graduating from Chipley High School he went on to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (A.B.A.C.) in Tifton, Georgia to earn an Associates of Arts degree in animal science. After college he married his high school sweetheart Alice Graham. They moved across the county line to 3618 Earlston Road, Graceville, Florida where they have raised two children, Anthony Pate and Hannah Pate Osteen. They now have five grandchildren.

Clint is committed to continue his efforts to make Jackson County a better place to raise our children and to have a county where all the residents have the opportunity to work in their home county. Pate states he believes if you’re not willing to be a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. He is a concerned citizen who is taking action to make a positive impact on the important issues facing the residents of Jackson County, such as economic growth, reduced budgets, and road improvements. He believes government should be accountable for its decisions and spending. He believes in smaller government that supports the people and does not rule them.

The citizens of Jackson County District 2 need a strong representative that is willing to stand up and fight for the well-being of the community. He thinks that he has displayed his ability to stand up for the areas of Graceville, Cottondale, Alford and south Marianna. Not only is he a Commissioner for District 2, he works hard to do what is best for the entire county. He has made the tough decisions for the betterment of our county, even when it was not popular with everyone.

Pate has 16 years of business experience. He worked in management with Campbellton Farmers Co-op for two years before opening a family business, Pate’s Farm and Garden in Chipley. After the decline in small farms in the area, he closed the business and went to work for an engineering firm. He is currently employed by Ceteris as a Senior Roadway Designer. Pate explains he has 21 years of experience dealing with right-of-way, drainage, pavement designs, environmental issues, traffic control, specifications, pavement markings, community meetings, and coordination with Florida Department of Transportation.

Pate feels the most important issues facing Jackson County are jobs, roads, public safety (fire rescue, law enforcement & county jail) and reduced budgets. Jobs – While the government cannot create jobs it can create a business-friendly environment. A new Economic Development Committee has been formed to aggressively recruit all business opportunities. Pate explains we are looking at all county regulations to bring them up to date. Not only do we want new businesses, we want our existing businesses to be able to expand. Good jobs are needed so that our youth can graduate and find jobs locally and not have to move away to work. With the Dozier campus being turned over to the county, we have the perfect opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. There are so many things that could be done with the property to help the economy of the area. There are roughly 1000 mores acres that we are trying to get. Roads – This is an ongoing problem that will always be up for discussion. Policies and procedures have been improved and the old way of maintaining roads has changed. Pate says that we have quit patching roads and started fixing the problems. Jackson County has over 800 miles of dirt roads. We are working to build up the roads to keep the water in the ditch where it belongs and improve drainage to allow for better maintenance of roads. Pate brings roadway design knowledge to the board. Public Safety –  Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, and the Jackson County Jail are very important aspects of the safety of the citizens and visitors of our county. The current board recognizes the problems of low pay, equipment issues and staffing problems. The commission is working to address these issues but will take time. Limited budget is the biggest challenge to solving a lot of our problems. Reduced budgets – With today’s economy, we must watch all our spending. Pate states he realizes this is a large challenge for the commission. He brings a very conservative approach to the budget process. The county must look for other sources of funding to help keep property taxes down. He states that he will not vote to raise taxes on the citizens unless everything is running as efficient as possible and there is no other way we can exist without it. Pate believes being active in the community keeps you close to the people and problems facing Jackson County. Pate is the Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party and serves as the Assistant Secretary for the Republican Party of Florida. He is an officer of the Graceville Lions Club. Pate serves on the board of Chipola Crimestoppers. Clint is a big supporter of 4-H and FFA programs, as well as several other community programs. He believes that supporting our youth is an investment in our county’s future.

Pate explains that his goal is to continue to work with the other commissioners to make Jackson County the place where people and businesses want to come and do business and raise their family. He humbly asks for your continued support and vote to continue to move Jackson County Forward. Please Vote!