Chipola Appreciation Club makes donation to Chipola College

The Chipola Appreciation Club recently donated $34,000 to Chipola College to help fund scholarships for student-athletes on Chipola’s five athletic teams. Funds for the scholarships were generated from endowments in the names of: John Ratzlaff, W.A. Woodham, Sam Mitchell, Milton H. Johnson, David Coley, Sen. Bill Montford, Ronnie Myers, Michael Keenan, and Robert and Kay Trammell.

scholarship recipients

Pictured above, athletes are, from left (front): Chelsea Cook, Ally Clegg, Amy Woodham, Courtajia Sanders, Valerie Nesbitt, Max Guzman, Andrew Grogan, Keishawn Brewton and Cheikh Faye. On the back row are Appreciation Club Officers and college officials, from left: David Johnson, Chuck Hudson, Shannon Saunders, Dr. Sarah Clemmons, Jeff Johnson and Robert Trammell.