Sure Shots 4-H Club

Sure Shots 4-H Club Members: (front) Drew Fleener, Jacob Pettis; (back) Landen Pettis, Isaac Phillips, Conner Barrett, Cole Dillard, Dylan Rudd, JC Fears, Dylan Williams

In its 12th year in Washington County 4-H, Sure Shots 4-H Club has been a strong contender at the annual Florida 4-H State Shotgun Match.  This year was no exception with a dedicated group of members giving a strong performance in both team and individual competitions.  Over two days of competition, members shot 50 rounds of trap, 50 rounds of skeet and 50 rounds of sporting clays against members from counties all over the state.

Intermediate Team – 1st Overall – Drew Fleener, Landen Pettis, Jacob Pettis

1st Place Intermediate Team – Drew Fleener, Landen Pettis, Jacob Pettis

Senior Team – 2nd Overall – Conner Barrett, Cole Dillard, Dylan Rudd, Dylan Williams

2nd Place Senior Team – Conner Barrett, Cole Dillard, Dylan Rudd, Dylan Williams

Intermediate individual rankings:
Drew Fleener – 3rd skeet, trap, sporting clays and 3rd overall
Landen Pettis – 4th skeet, 6th trap
Jacob Pettis – 8th skeet, 7th trap

Senior individual rankings:
Conner Barrett – 5th skeet, 9th sporting clays
Cole Dillard – 5th trap, 7th sporting clays, 6th overall, national team bid
Dylan Rudd – 9th skeet
Dylan Williams – 8th sporting clays

4-H Shooting Sports is a nationwide program that emphasizes, above all, safe use of firearms in a recreational setting. Shooting sports can be a life-long pursuit, and extensive studies show that participation in this program develops confidence, responsibility, discipline and conservation ethics in its members. Sure Shots 4-H Club members are grateful for the support of their team of dedicated coaches:  Andy Fleener, Nick Dillard, Gary Clark and Sam Rudd.

For more information on how 4-H can positively impact the life of your child, contact 4-H Agent, Julie Pigott Dillard, at 638-6180