Chipola science students tour trails at Caverns Park

Billy Bailey, Florida Caverns State Park Specialist and Junior Ranger Leah Bailey, enhanced Chipola College environmental science students’ studies through an interpretive program on what you do not see on the trails of the Park, the “Natural and Cultural Resources.”  Students examined dozens of fossils/artifacts including: the periwinkle snail, mastodon tooth, shark tooth, skulls (bat, beaver, raccoon, opossum, skunk), rhinoceros beetle, snake skin, box turtle shell, mussel, sea urchins fossilized, Native American tools (arrowheads, spear points, ax, clay), mastodon rib, horse teeth (prehistoric), and alligator harpoon. At least 30 more artifacts were discussed with history, archeology, dendrology, entomology, herpetology, ornithology, ichthyology, zoology, geology, botany, mycology, or paleontology interpretations, as they pertain to each artifact.

Science class