CHS Theatre Department presents “High School Musical, JR”

In the upcoming theatrical production of High School Musical, JR drama students will take the stage and mesmerize the audience as they recreate the pop-culture phenomenon that inspired thousands of children, teenagers, and even adults. Under the direction of Christopher “Dylan” Lawson, the show will give an unforgettable experience to both the actors and audience members as characters like dreamy all-star Troy Bolton and sassy Sharpay Evans come to life. The musical will take place at the Chipley High School auditorium April 24 and 26, and starts at 7 PM. Tickets will be $7 per person.

Playwright David Simpacito illustrates the common experiences of a young life, such as forbidden love and the dream to “bop to the top” in high school. The show features two main characters -Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez- who fall in love at a karaoke party. When they return to school after summer break, they both sign up for the upcoming musical their school is planning to perform. This dream to be in the musical is challenged by obligations of Troy’s basketball team, Gabriella’s academic decathlon, and by the also aspiring singer, Sharpay Evans, who is dead set on winning Troy’s affection. With these elements, Musical Theatre International, Inc. claims, “High School Musical [JR] is fun for the whole family.” The Chipley High School Theatre Department aims to engage the audience with themes of finding your heart and purpose, and working together to create a sense of unity, right before the fourth motion picture in the franchise is released in the coming months.