FHSAA Class 1A District 3 Championship

Altha Public School hosted the Boys’ Weightlifting District 3 Championship on Wednesday, March 13. Vernon, Chipley, Graceville, Liberty County, Holmes County, Altha, Blountstown and Marianna were among the teams competing.

Vernon High school was able to secure two individual district championships and enough points to win the team runner-up title. Vernon’s Dameion Stephens in the 199-lb weight class posted a 610 lb total after bench pressing 320 lbs and lifting 290 lbs on the clean and jerk. Vernon’s Joseph Fielding in the 183-lb class also claimed a district championship after finishing with 245 lbs on bench press and 230 lbs on clean and jerk for a 475 lb total. Trent Rudd, Antonio Rodriquez and Demetreious Walston all provided critical points towards the team title. Rudd, Rodriguez and Walston were all Runners up in their weight classes adding 15 additional points to the total score allowing VHS to pull past Marianna and take home the Runner-up trophy. Nine out of eleven lifters from Vernon will advance to the regional championship this year.

The Region 2 Championship will be hosted by Vernon High school and take place on Tuesday, March 20th. First lifts will begin at 11:00 a.m. CST. Only the top six lifters from each district championship will have a chance to compete in their regions.

Vernon lifters heading to Regional Finals:

Joseph Fielding – 183 lb, District Champion
Dameion Stephens – 199 lb, District Champion
Trent Rudd – 119 lb, District Runner-up
Antonio Rodriguez – 129 lb, District Runner-up
Demetreous Walston – 199 lb, District Runner-up
Nathan Mathis – 169 lb, 3rd place
Dycarrius Davis – 169 lb, 4th place
Tyrick Davis – 219 lb, 5th place
Nicholas Campbell – 238 lb, 5th place

Team Scores:

Blountstown – 52 – District Champion
Vernon – 38 – District Runner up

Marianna – 33
Holmes County – 25
Altha – 23
Graceville – 17
Chipley – 16
Liberty County – 14

Left to right: Antonio Rodriguez, Joseph Fielding, Demetreous Walston, Dycarrius Davis, Nicholas Campbell (barely visible), Dameion Stephens, Trent Rudd, Nathan Mathis, Tyrick Davis, Isaiah Walston, Coach Lee Richards.

Dameion Stephens, 199 District Champion and Demetreous Walston 199 District Runner-up

Trent Rudd, Coach Richards

Dameion Stephens 290lb Clean and Jerk

Joseph Fielding 183 lb District Champion

Joseph Fielding 225 lb Clean and Jerk