Garden Club learns about orchids

submitted by Gweneth Collins

At the monthly meeting of Chipley Garden Club on Wednesday, March 7th, at the Washington County Library, members were excited to learn all about orchids.

Ted Everett, Executive Director of Washington County Chamber of Commerce, shared his extensive knowledge on growing orchids with the group.  He discussed the different types of orchids, watering issues, light need, fertilizer, growing medium, and temperature requirements.   Everett demonstrated how to trim orchids, repotting techniques, and covered “tricking” orchids into blooming.   He also brought several of his own orchids to show the group.

Ted Everett discussing orchids with the group.

Prior to the presentation, Club President Debbie Mitchell conducted the regular business meeting.  The club was saddened to hear of the passing of Ralph Ray, a former club member.  The group discussed end-of-the-year activities at Kate Smith Elementary School and the upcoming English Tea on April 21st.   Plans for a field trip to “Valley Traditions” were finalized.

Yard of the Month Chair Lillian Pittman announced March’s winner: John Curlee at 1300 Old Bonifay Road.   A certificate will be presented at the April Third Thursday meeting of the Chamber of Commerce.

Wildflower Chair Glenda Wilson shows Carolina Jessamine she found in her garden.

Wildflower Chair Glenda Wilson presented Carolina Jessamine aka Gelseminiun sempervirens, a native twining evergreen vine with bright yellow, trumpet shaped flowers.  She notes all parts of the plant are poisonous and noted it is State Flower of South Carolina.  She suggested planting the fragrant Star Jasmine or Confederate Jasmine in our home gardens, rather than the Carolina Jessamine.

Chipley Garden Club welcomes new members at any time during the year.  The next meeting will be April 4th in Chipley.  If you are interested in attending a meeting or learning more about the club and its activities, please contact Debbie Mitchell at 638-0536.