VHS basketball

The Vernon Yellow Jackets earned their fifteenth win of the season Tuesday night in Niceville with a 63-42 win over Rocky Bayou.

The Yellow Jackets were led in scoring by Chris Williams with 19 points and Matt Isenhoff with 16 points.  Jamar Massaline scored 9 points; Canaan McDonald scored 6 points; Tyrese Broxton and Caeden McDonald scored 4 points each; Dyvion Bush scored 3 points and Bill Holley added 2 points.

Vernon’s Junior Varsity began the basketball night with another victory over Rocky Bayou’s Junior Varsity.

Vernon will host Bozeman Thursday night. During the game a special recognition will be held in honor of Vernon’s senior players. Coach Thomas Register encourages all Yellow Jacket fans to be present and to express to the senior players their appreciation for their accomplishments during this season and during their careers at Vernon High School.