CHS students participate in Florida Stock Market Challenge

Members of the Chipley High School Economics classes participated in the Florida Stock Market Challenge this past semester.  The Stock Market Challenge, sponsored by the Florida Council on Economic Education, is an elaborate, web-based educational tool where each user/team receives $100,000 virtual dollars in a virtual brokerage account and simulates managing a portfolio by buying and selling stocks at real-time prices. The game is set up where students can buy shares of stock in “real time” and then follow how those stocks do on a daily bases. One of the most important aspects of the game is researching the stock adequately to protect themselves from losing money. Students are excited to see when their stock made gains and are not so happy when they lose money. Students quickly learned about risk. Student who took the most risk, were the ones that saw the biggest gains or losses in their accounts. CHS’s 1st place team tuned their $100,000 into $107,000 in less than eight weeks.

Chipley High School students/teams placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the panhandle region. Congratulations to all these students. You represent Chipley High School well.

Members of the 1st place team are Ethan Clark, Joey Jordan and Jade Williams (not pictured). They received $100 and a $50 Papa John’s Pizza Card.

Members of the 2nd place team were Caitlin Cumbie and Mason Wheeler. They received a $50 Papa John’s Pizza Card.

Members of the 3rd place team were Mikai Carswell, Hannah Laursen and Adriyanna Jackson. They received a $50 Papa John’s Pizza Card.