4-H/Tropicana public speaking contest

The bar was set extremely high this year as ten students impressed the judges and audience on Thursday evening, December 14, at the Holmes County 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest as they competed for the County Winner title for their school grade levels. These ten students were the 1st place winners in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades out of a total of 391 students that participated from five schools across the county. The judges were impressed as the youth appeared confident, prepared and eager to take the stage to present their speeches. After being scored on speech content, creativity, poise, and projection, all youth participants were recognized for their hard work in preparing for the county event.

Congratulations to all of this year’s County 4-H/Tropicana Winners:

4th Grade Winners:

1st Place – Caroline Cushing, Poplar Springs School, with a speech entitled, “A Beautiful Life”

2nd Place – Curtis Galloway, Ponce de Leon Elementary School, with a speech entitled, “Fishing Tales”

3rd Place – Kale Cauley, Bethlehem School, with a speech entitled, “Grab, Get Healthy, Enjoy & Go”

4th Grade Winners

5th Grade Winners:

1st Place – Kaylee Bowen, Bonifay K-8 School, with a speech entitled, “My Little Brother”

2nd Place – Dakota Owens, Poplar Springs School, with a speech entitled, “School”

3rd Place – Hutch Galloway, Ponce de Leon Elementary School, with a speech entitled, “Davy Crockett”

Honorable Mention – Alexis Mancill, Bethlehem School, with a speech entitled, “Snakes”

5th Grade Winners

6th Grade Winners:

1st Place – Holley Andrews, Ponce de Leon High School, with a speech entitled “Me, the Redhead”

2nd Place – Gabriel Cushing, Poplar Springs School, with a speech entitled “Country Life”

3rd Place – Kelsey Paul, Bethlehem School, with a speech entitled “Who Dat Softball Mom?”

6th Grade Winners

Students placing 1st at the county competition each received a reserved camp spot with a scholarship in the amount of $250.00 to attend the legendary 4-H Camp Timpoochee in June, a camping tradition which has occurred since the 1930’s.

Florida 4-H is very proud of the 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest, which has been incorporated into the 4-H program for over forty years. Working with youth in grades 4-6, this contest helps thousands of young people annually learn how to write and deliver a speech. Over 2 million students have participated in this program since its beginning. Tropicana, Inc. has sponsored the contest since 1969 and provides classroom materials for teachers, certificates of participation, ribbons for classroom winners, and medallions for school winners, plaques and summer camp scholarships to 4-H Camp Timpoochee for county winners.

4-H is one of the largest youth development programs in America with more than 6.5 million young people, ages 5-18, and 540,000 youth and adult volunteers. 4-H programming offers more than just animals and barns. 4-H’s learning opportunities are designed around four essential elements necessary for positive youth development by providing youth with: supervised independence, a sense of belonging with a positive group, a spirit of generosity toward others and a wide variety of opportunities to master life challenges. A variety of fun, educational, social, and engaging activities are offered! These programs teach the fundamental 4-H ideal of practical, “learn by doing” experiences which encourages youth to experiment, innovate and think independently. For information on how you can get involved with 4-H as a youth, volunteer, or supporter, please contact Niki Crawson at 547-1108, ncrawson@ufl.edu or check out our website at http://holmes.ifas.ufl.edu.