WFEC experiences phone outage

West Florida Electric Cooperative (WFEC) has been experiencing a phone outage since Friday evening when it’s phone provider, Windstream, began experiencing outages due to a fiber cut in Alabama.

Members may call 844-OUTAGE1 (844-688-2413) to report outages. This number will reach an automated system and it will be sent to WFEC’s outage management system for them to dispatch.

This communications outage impacts the Graceville & Bonifay offices, so any calls to or from those numbers will receive an error or busy signal. The Sneads office remains unaffected. Any calls to the Sneads office (850-593-6491) or the 800-342-7400 number will forward to the Graceville office through the phone system, so members can still reach WFEC to make payments or handle other co-op business by calling those numbers.

The latest update from Windstream last night states they should begin splicing fiber on Tuesday. Sources at WFEC’s office imagine it will take most of Tuesday and possibly Wednesday for it to be completed. The 800-342-7400 number Is working & the 844-OUTAGE1 (844-688-2431) and 850-593-6491 numbers continue working. Prepaid services will not be cut off on Sunday, Dec. 10.

As a recap, members can report outages by calling 844-OUTAGE1 (844-688-2431). For other business like making payments, members may call 800-324-7400 or 850-593-6491.