Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Safe Mobility for Life (SMFL) Coalition, and partners will host events and provide resources to raise awareness on the importance of safe transportation and mobility options for older adults in support of the American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, which runs from Monday, December 4 until Friday, December 8.

Established by the AOTA, Older Driver Safety Awareness Week promotes the importance of safe mobility to help ensure older adults remain active and engaged in their community. Throughout the week, the SMFL Coalition alongside state and local partners will raise awareness on the 3 Keys to Achieve Safe Mobility for Life, which are:

1.     Understand the impact that aging has on driving

2.     Stay Proactive about safe driving skills

3.     Plan for a safe transition from driving

The SMFL Coalition believes that by empowering older adults to stay proactive as drivers, while planning for a safe transition from driving, they will remain active and independent in their communities even when driving is no longer a safe option.

FDOT Secretary Mike Dew said, “Safety is our top priority. Working with the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition we can provide educational resources to help older adults remain safe and engaged in their communities using all modes of transportation, including driving, walking, biking, and transit.”

Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers was developed by the SMFL Coalition and first released in 2012 in print to help Floridians learn how to continue to safely drive while also sharing information to help prepare and plan to meet their mobility needs after transitioning from driving. The Guide is now available as an e-book in both English and Spanish and can be viewed or downloaded for free by visiting www.FLsams.org/ODSAW2017.htm.

Throughout the week we are working with partners across the state to raise awareness and promote the keys to achieving safe mobility for life. For more information on the community events and available free resources and materials to support the SMFL Coalition’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week campaign visit, www.FLsams.org/ODSAW2017.htm.

About the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition

In 2009, FDOT partnered with the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy at Florida State University to establish the SMFL Coalition for addressing the specific needs of Florida’s aging road users. The Coalition’s mission is to work with their 28 partners, which include national, state, and local public agencies, and aging and safety advocate organizations, to implement a strategic plan for increasing the safety, access, and mobility of aging road users and reducing crash, serious injury, and fatality rates. For more information, visit www.FLsams.org.