Update on Orange Hill Road Bridge closure

Washington County Commission Chairman Tray Hawkins issued an update concerning the closing of Orange Hill Road bridge at Gilbert’s Mill Road.

“After careful consideration, along with conferences with County personnel and Florida Department of Transportation officials, Washington County has opted to close only one lane of the Orange Hill Road bridge at Gilbert’s Mill Road,” stated Hawkins. “In order to keep public inconvenience to a minimum, one lane of this bridge, spanning Hard Labor Creek at Gilbert’s Mill Road, will remain open, until further notice, to local passenger vehicle traffic.”

Due to the condition of the bridge, and for safety considerations, the Washington County Road Department is working with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to strictly enforce this “passenger vehicles only” mandate. The bridge will be open to two-way traffic as soon as it is safe and feasible to do so, according to Hawkins, and his office will issue status updates as necessary.