Master Gardeners dedicate new library in memory of John Foster

Washington County Master Gardeners dedicated a new library at the Washington County Ag Center in memory of John Foster in a ceremony Tuesday morning.

Statement prepared by Jo McGlammery and read by Glenda Wilson … 

“We are gathered here today on this happy occasion to pay tribute to one of our own, John V. Foster (1931-2014), a true Renaissance Man.  Not only was he a retired architect, an avid nurseryman, and journalist, this ‘once-upon-a-time “damn Yankee”, became a recognized “Southern authority” of the plants in the Florida Panhandle.”

“I first became acquainted with John and his lovely wife Kathy when I lived next door to them in the yellow house on 5th Street.  The interior of their home was filled with interesting artifacts, but it was the outdoors which fascinated me.  He grew plants in raised beds, long before it became common.  And, wonder of wonders, he always seemed to know their scientific name, which he would spout off with his big smile which always warmed your heart,” said McGlammery.

“I continued to work with him on numerous projects over the years. After he moved to the Blue Pond area and opened his own nursery, he continued to be the same old John, a veritable resource of the official nomenclature of all the plants, both native and exotic, he raised and sold.  He still came across with that big smile which continued to warm your heart.  In other words, he shared like a ‘true Southerner’.  Thank you, John, for just being John, always a ‘smart now-Southern gentleman’.”

Wilson stated that it is fitting that Foster’s extensive nature library should be preserved as part of the history of the county, and that there is no more fitting place than in the Master Gardener Library dedicated Tuesday as the official John V. Foster Master Gardener Library.