US Presidential Scholar nominees introduced at School Board meeting

The 2018 US Presidential Scholar nominees Alexandria Brown (Chipley High School) and Payton Poppell (Vernon High School) were presented when the Washington County School Board met Monday night.

Pictured from left: Alexandria Brown, Superintendent Joe Taylor, and Payton Poppell

The Health Department presented an update on the overall health screenings recently completed at local schools, with students being overweight seen as the most pressing concern.

Health Dept. presentation

The following agenda items were approved:

  • Payment of monthly bills; financial report
  • Minutes
  • Substitutes/volunteers
  • Out of state travel
  • Amendment with PAEC – Skyward Contract
  • Contract with Focus on Behavior, Inc.
  • Purchase requisition – PC Solution & Integration
  • Purchase order to Chipola College
  • Purchase order to ClassLink
  • Editorial change to 2017-2018 School Calendar
  • Supplemental contract with Chris Works at VHS
  • 2017-2018 Title IV, Student Support and Academic Enrichment Project Application
  • 2017-2018 Title V, Rural and Low-Income Students Project Application
  • DES personnel contract
  • Supplemental contract with Myles Austin at VHS
  • Fast Track contract

The following personnel items were approved:

  • District — level increase for Jan Paul, payroll specialist and Jason Grantham, asst. payroll specialist; 21st Century Community Learning Center after school personnel; level increase of employee; employment of Jennifer Kincaid, academic analyst
  • Chipley High School — leave of absence for Derick Balkcom, paraprofessional; employment of Tina Searcy, OPS paraprofessional
  • Okeechobee Youth Development Center — employment of Willie Huggins, disciplinary specialist
  • Transportation — employment of Willie Vaughn, bus driver; amend Demerius Peterson Nettles from full time monitor to a substitute monitor; employment of Scotty Padgett, bus driver; employment of Shelia Nicholas, substitute bus driver; resignation of Patricia Brown, bus driver
  • Vernon Elementary School — employment of Harmony Spencer, paraprofessional
  • Vernon Middle School — out of field designation for ESOL for Connie Stufflestreet; out of field designation for ESOL for Jeffery Riley; resignation of Will Parmer teacher
  • Florida Panhandle Technical College — retirement of Brenda Obert, secretary

A reorganizational meeting was scheduled for November 21 at 4 p.m.

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