BCF Teacher Education Division holds Fall Education Symposium

The Teacher Education Division at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) welcomed Linda Walker as the professional guest speaker for its Fall Education Symposium. Walker is a former math teacher and principal from Leon County, Fla. In recent years, she has served as a consultant in many Florida school districts as well as more than twenty other states.  She was also instrumental in the development of the Florida Department of Education’s standards for math.

During the symposium, Walker discussed the importance of making math enjoyable and meaningful for students. She demonstrated several math games and had BCF Teacher Education Students experience playing the games. She also discussed the importance of developing critical thinking skills in the classroom and making math relevant to real life situations. Walker taught the students several alternative methods to solve problems and shared ways to incorporate math manipulatives in the elementary classroom.

According to Teacher Education Professor Kaye Johnson, BCF Education students left the symposium with ideas and resources that can be used in their own future classrooms. The Teacher Education Division of The Baptist College of Florida expressed its gratitude to Walker for her willingness to share her knowledge and her eagerness to work with students.

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BCF Teacher Education Students practice implementing methods of making math simple and enjoyable for their future students.