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Flags of Love … by Dawn Veit

As I was sitting at a City Council meeting, waiting for them to announce the resolution that would forbid me to display the 140 American flags, that had been lining our streets during Patriotic holidays for the last two years, the lady next to me leaned in and tells me, “It is for the best. Now you won’t have to worry about doing it.”

I was speechless and yet not surprised. The room was full of those that did not understand what the flag display was about. They did not understand what the blue ribbons, that graced 110 flags, stood for. They stood for love, pride, sacrifice and respect. They did not understand how the flags brought smiles, pride and tears to those that drove through Chipley, the flags reminding them what a wonderful country we live in. They did not understand how much these flag meant to those who’s loved one made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and who sponsored a flag as their way of saying how much they were missed. They did not see the tears in the eyes of a woman whose husband was alive when she proudly sponsored a flag in honor of him but had since passed away. She tells me this as she is picking up his flag because the City decided it could no longer be displayed.

They did not understand that all I wanted was give others a reason to sit a little taller, to smile a little brighter, to feel a little prouder. To give a wonderful memory. The city is justifying their action by finally putting their own flags out but what will be missing is the personal warmth, love, sacrifice, those that sponsored my flags brought. They don’t understand they can replace my flags but they can’t replace that. I want to thank all that sponsored a flag, all that showed love for the flags, all those that understood what the flag display was about, all those that stopped and fixed a flag, and especially to all those that showed such love and care and encouragement towards me after this ruling by the City.

Not to worry, I have a lot more dreams, thoughts and plans. There are so many more memories yet to be made.

Dawn Veit

10 thoughts on “Letter to Editor”

  1. Thank you for all the work, diligence and love that inspired the patriotic pride for a small community.
    I personally will miss the flags. I thank you for your energy and dedication.

  2. I praise Dawn and Renae Peters for all the hard work. This is really sad that individuals do not understand what it means to have veterans who have served and are serving. I’m talking WW1,WW2,Korean conflict,Vietnam, Iran, and Gaddafi. Our family was fortunate that everyone came home. Try dealing with 6 month,9 month and longer deployments. Praying and always wondering. I may take my flag and stand on Main Street each patriotic holiday 🇺🇸

  3. Dawn,
    You have set a precedence to get the city involved, which is more than we could ask for. So for that, thank you. Aside from that, you have tremendously blessed those who donated the flags, those of us who live here and swell with pride every time we see them, and visitors who drive through. So for that, thank you. Lastly, you continuously, tirelessly, and passionately work for our communities. For that, thank you!! We don’t always get the answers we feel are right, but we are planting seeds. Let me offer my personal thanks and say I’d love to help!!

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