Adopting smoke free policies is the new trend in Florida

The Florida Department of Health in Washington County and the Washington County Tobacco Free Partnership join with employers to help create tobacco free polices and strengthen employee efforts to successfully quit tobacco use.

In the State of Florida between July 2016 to June 2017, 47 new polices that work towards tobacco free worksites were adopted around the state. Going off this new trend in Florida’s workplaces, 10 local businesses in Washington County including Angels Buffet and Catering, Burger King, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, Javier’s, King’s Discount Drug, McDonald’s, Morris Industries, Hobbs Heating and Air Conditioning, Skins & Bubba’s, and The Florida Department of Health in Washington County have implemented smokefree policies as well as implementing different worksite wellness services.

The Florida Department of Health offers many worksite wellness services including cessation materials. These free services offer employers assistance in developing tobacco cessation programs, whether it’s through their company’s health insurance provider or the State’s free cessation services. The cessation options range from online classes to face-to-face group meetings. Getting help through their employers in the work place can increase their chance of success while simultaneously benefiting the business.

Businesses can also help their employees quit tobacco by implementing tobacco free grounds or smokefree policies at their workplace. These tobacco free policies are an effective way to help employees quit. This creates a safe and healthy environment that all can share in this community. Together as businesses, we can help make Washington County tobacco free.

For more information and assistance in establishing or strengthening your Worksite Wellness Initiatives please contact Sharron Hobbs at (850) 845-5078 or (850) 703-1337.