RMS volleyball tournament

Roulhac Middle School held their first intramural sports tournament on Thursday. Each PE period picked a team of 8-12 players to compete.

UPDATE, 10-5-17 … submitted by Audrey Holley, Student Council Secretary

On September 28th, 2017, Roulhac Middle School hosted their first Intramural volleyball tournament. This set of games was a battle between the grades to see who could conquer the court! Teams were split up by grade level into each separate PE class, and there the teams practiced their rotations. 62 students participated on teams for this tournament. In the end, our 4th period, 8th grade class took the championship in a game against the 6th graders. The Student Council will be giving all funds raised off of this friendly competition to the 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. and they hope to host another intramural game soon!

Winning team from left to right: Travis Drummond, Tucker Barfield,Davis Corbin, Cherise MCorvey,Abby Chomos, Ansleigh Steele, Amiya Summerwell, Ashytn Miller, Sydney Spencer, Bruce Martinez