BCF holds Annual Olympics

Students poured out of the dorms waving their team flags with pride as they lined up around the flag poles, eagerly awaiting the start of the 5th Annual BCF Olympics. Each year, the Olympics at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville is one of the most exciting events on campus and this year’s event was no disappointment.

The BCF Olympic triathlon was made up of a 6-member conference bike, boat race to the middle of Lake Albert and classic leap frog to the finish line … 

The Olympics began with a word of encouragement and prayer led by BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. Then, BCF Senior Kate Lawhorn opened with an incredibly smooth rendition of the National Anthem. Following the anthem, Kinchen declared “Let the Games Begin” as teams made their way to the competition field, firing off chants and displaying pure enthusiasm regarding the events they were about to participate in. There was fierce competition in every event: the plank race, tug-of-war, egg toss, water bucket relay, and the triathlon. Once all of the competitions had come to an end, the teams gathered in the BCF Wellness Center for the nail-biting closing ceremony.

The 2017 BCF Olympic winners – Eastlake, Ogletree, and Smith Hall

Each team gave their all and every participant was a winner. However, as the points earned during each competition were added together, there was one overall winning team. The new reigning champions that will hold the title for a year was made up of Eastlake, Ogletree, and Smith Hall claiming victory by just one point. There was also a new Team Spirit award presented for the first time in BCF Olympics history. Academic Dean Robin Jumper awarded this honor to the combined team of Napier Hall and Brackin-Chandler Hall, also known as “Napkin”, after seeing their display of excellent sportsmanship and overall positive team spirit. The 2017 BCF Olympics proves that students pray hard and play hard, but always for the glory of God. Teams are already strategizing and gearing up for the games that will take place next year

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