Financial & Estate Planning Workshop

On August 28 and 29, R.D. Easterling and Southern Financial Group, as special guests of the New York Stock Exchange, met with Roger G. Ibbotson PhD., one of the most famous names in finance (source, The Equity Risk Premium, 2006). A Professor Emeritus at Yale School of Management, Ibbotson is a pioneer in behavioral finance, identifying that riskier investments do not consistently offer higher returns.

R.D. Easterling at NY Stock Exchange, discusses finance with Robert Ibbotson — Image courtesy of Annexus, COPYRIGHT© 2017 ANNEXUS

“Professor Ibbotson shared his behavioral theories on investment popularity with us; the most popular investments, the ones most often bought and sold, often times provide below average returns,” said Southern Financial Group founding partner R.D. Easterling. “It’s that type of insight we look forward to bringing to our clients as they seek our help with important financial decisions.”

Southern Financial Group was established in 2006 from the merger of Parrish, Cox & Associates with Easterling & Associates, bringing together two seasoned teams with 40+ years of combined experience. There are offices in Chipley, FL and Dothan, AL. Every account is overseen locally by a founding partner.