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Maggie Ellis-Collins, age 45 of Cottondale, passed from this life on August 30, 2017 at her residence.

Maggie was born on December 23, 1971 in Marianna, Florida to the late J.C. and Martha (Cravens) Ellis. She was a lifelong resident of the Florida panhandle and a graduate of Chipley High School. Maggie was affectionately known as “Teeny” by her loved ones. Those who knew her would recall her as a feisty but fun loving person. She loved all animals, especially her Chihuahuas.

She was preceded in death by her parents; son: Holden Toole.

She is survived by her significant other: Billy Shumaker of Cottondale, Florida; two sisters: Evelyn Gossien Corley and husband Phillip of Phenix City, Alabama, Dixie Gossien of Dothan, Alabama; two brothers: Eddie Gossien and Kenneth Gossien both of Nashville, Tennessee; several nieces, nephews, cousins and loved ones.

Memorialization will be by cremation with Obert Funeral Home of Chipley, Florida in charge of arrangements.

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  1. To everyone who knows Maggie as Teeny…you were her friends and family. As her first cousin, I am deeply hurt that we won’t be together to celebrate her life and the memories we share. When we exit this life, memories are all that’s left.
    Teeny, I watched you grow from diapers to a vibrant young woman. All smiles, dimples, a twinkle in your eyes and a family that loved you very much. I watched you struggle with your only child that was less fortunate in life. It humbled me when I thought about unfortunate times in my life. God bless you for that. Though incapable of speaking, Holden spoke volumes of how we should appreciate things we take for granted and the importance of family and those who care for you.
    Thank you Teeny for giving and being in my life. I hope and pray your brothers and sisters will realize how short life is and come to terms with their own mortality and differences. It’s a shame to waste the opportunity that a lot of people wish they had.
    I wish life had been more kind and you were still with us. I wish people had walked in your shoes before passing judgment. You left a legacy all your own and an important lesson. If someone looks deep inside, they will see it. I know you are with Holden, Martha and J.C. Your memories are with me always.
    Your Cousin
    Ricky Ellis Glass

  2. I remember the night 4 of us kids all laid up going to bed in one bedroom at CJ Porters house. Mom came in and said, tonight I’ll probably be going to the hospital to have the baby. I was only 10 years old so I was sure what that meant. Just blew it off and went on to bed. The next morning JC came in from the hospital and said mom had had the baby. I still didn’t understand. But I sure did a few days later lol. It was you! Very teenie tiny baby. Yiu was in a Christmas stocking. God only gave us 45 years to be with you. His work was finished with you on earth. You had suffered from A to Z in this life and always kept in great spirits. You were always my hero. When things got me down, all I had to do is think of your daily struggles and soon mine would seem small. I never had a bad day compared to your daily struggles. God has huge works for you now in Heaven and you started immediately. God taking you has drastically changed my life instantly. What I would give to have seen you one last time. I know you’re with Holden who is now perfect in every way in Heaven, mom, JC, and the rest of family. One of my favorite songs is “Meeting in the Air” its so true. One day, we’ll have that meeting in the air. You’ll always be with me and I’ll never forget the the great times together. You’re my hero Teenie. Go rest on that mountain. RIP my baby sister. I will really miss xoxoxoxoxoxo… Your big brother,, Eddie

  3. I remember that night as well Eddie and like you, I didn’t get it.
    It has taken me awhile to be able to come here emotionally and write something about my youngest sister Teeny. I carry with me a few fond memories of my siblings. I don’t remember much from years past. It’s just not there, so what I do remember I grasp. My oldest sister Evelyn, she read stories to me every night. My oldest brother Eddie, well actually I have several fond memories with him. Eddie always had a soft spot in his heart for my son Adam. My baby brother Kenny who grew up one summer to the point I didn’t recognize him. Then there was Ricky Glass who was like this big brother who came around from time to time but when he did come it was fun. Then came along my little sister. She was born with very dry skin and my Mom had to keep baby oil on her all the time. She wore cloth diapers. I don’t know where or how she found these but she always seemed to be carrying around a cat haha. I remember her being a cheer leader. Teeny was a fighter and unafraid of anything it seemed. She was bold and gutsy. Teeny was a true southern redneck gal who enjoyed life. She was fun. One day she decided that she wanted her hair to be shaved on one side and spiked on the other and colored blonde and wanted me to do it and I did. That was a good day. I could go on with memories but sometimes I would rather just enjoy thinking of them and holding them close then to talk about them.
    Somewhere along the way everything went south. All of my siblings are all grown up and you realize that you haven’t spoke a word to your sister in 25 years or my brothers in 12 years or more.
    Eddie is my only sibling now that I communicate with and now that we are reunited, I don’t ever want to loose that. I love my 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Love seems like a small word compared to how a really feel. They are and will always be apart of me and one just don’t think about one of us not being here anymore. We could have shared more of ourselves to her but like most we put off today what can be done tomorrow but now, that tomorrow will never come. I always wanted and pray that one day we all could and would get together and make things right but now we wont be ALL anymore. We are missing one. We are missing an important one. The baby is gone. The hardest thing I ever had to go through and still struggle with is the passing of my Mom. I have never felt that kind of pain and loneliness. I wasn’t complete anymore and this is why I hold on to my brother Eddie like I do. We were all hand picked by God to be siblings. We belong together. Our parents were hand picked to be our parents. Teeny was hand picked to be our baby sister.
    I cant imagine having to raise a disabled child. I was blessed to be able to watch my children grow up healthy and strong, she didn’t. She couldn’t go to Pal’s Park and cheer for her son while he was playing soft. She couldn’t take him to see a movie or out to dinner. She couldn’t take walks with him or go exploring. She couldn’t have a “normal” conversation with her son. Her adult life was a battle for her. May you rest in peace now Teeny. I love you more then you could ever know.

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