Students view eclipse

Students at Roulhac Middle School donned their viewing glasses and went outside during the eclipse today.

Today’s total solar eclipse, sometimes referred to as the “Great American Eclipse”, was viewable to some extent across the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. The path of totality touched 14 states, although a partial eclipse was visible in all 50 states. It was only visible as a partial eclipse in other countries.

The last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous U.S. was in 1918, and 1979 was the last time a total eclipse was visible from anywhere in the U.S. mainland.

The next total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. in April 2024 (12 states), and then in August 2045 (10 states).

An assembly was held in the RMS auditorium prior to the event, to educated students on what to expect and how to protect their eyes. Photos are included below.