Scam Alert

Washington County Clerk of Court, Lora Bell, would like to alert the public regarding recent email and telephone scams.

The Florida Supreme Court issued a press release on Friday, August 4, 2017, which warns of several widespread e-mail and phone scams that try to trick people by saying they must come to a Florida state court to face charges or must pay money related to a Florida state court action.

The scams appear to heavily target those with limited English-language skills, the elderly, healthcare workers, or the relatives of people who recently died – though anyone can be a target. People can avoid being victimized with a little foreknowledge. Most importantly, state courts in Florida do not make initial contact by e-mail or by phone to tell people to appear before a judge or to pay money. People normally would be told in person or by regular-delivery mail.

The August 4, 2017, press release identifies several types of the reported scams.

People who need to check any suspicious e-mail or telephone contact allegedly coming from a Florida state court can forward them to the Florida Supreme Court at

A copy of the press release can be found at: