Alternative options to deep well injection


Following is a statement from Senator Gainer, Jackson County officials, and Waste Management regarding  a new cooperative effort to identify processes that would safely dispose of non-hazardous liquid collected at Springhill Landfill above ground.

Waste Management will join with Senator Gainer, Jackson County officials and other community leaders to evaluate processes other than the use of deep well injection for the disposal of wastewater at the landfill, commonly referred to as leachate. This cooperative effort will identify what above ground disposal options might meet the short and long-term needs at Springhill Landfill in an environmentally safe manner.

As part of this effort, Waste Management will ask the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to hold off processing of the pending class V exploratory well until March 31, 2018.  Jackson County in turn will delay pursuing litigation during this agreed upon review period.

All parties have agreed to step back and investigate solutions to the leachate problem.  Senator Gainer would like to commend Waste Management’s willingness to rethink this process.

2 thoughts on “Alternative options to deep well injection”

  1. This is a good thing and this situation can be worked out to the satisfaction of all parties. We need Waste Management and we need Clean Water. Looking forward to the discussions and workable solutions.

    1. Waste Management should withdraw their permit application to DEP. Then and only then an open and serious discussion of alternatives to Waste Managements’ treatment of leachate could happen. Start over Waste Management in an open forum from the beginning. The County Commission should explore the county’s options related to the lease and realize that they will own any catastrophic events that occur at the landfill in perpetuity. If the lease does not specify that Waste Management can make any changes to the physical property including pumping leachate (hazardous materials) into waters of the state per Florida Statute 373 then this entire process is null and void. As the owner of the property, the county needs to exert it’s legal authority to the use of the property. (Former liaison District 5 Water Management) Greg Davis.

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