Precision Immobilization Training

The Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy recently hosted Precision Intervention Technique (P.I.T.) training at the Marianna Municipal Airport. The training consists of techniques to safely terminate police pursuits before the pursuits become a danger to the public. The training covered how to recognize safe opportunities to perform the P.I.T. maneuver and the liability considerations when performing the P.I.T maneuver. Sheriff Lou Robert’s sent several Jackson County Deputies through the training so they could learn the techniques to safely end vehicle pursuits. The deputies were required to demonstrate three successful P.I.T maneuvers prior to graduation. After two days of training in the P.I.T maneuvers the deputies graduated with P.I.T certifications.

Pictured from left: (front) Lt. Kevin Arnold, Sgt. Dave Carlberg, Sgt. Quinton Hollis, Sgt. Eric Lawrence; (back) Sgt. JD Johnson (FHP), Sheriff Lou Roberts, Sgt. James Swearingin (FHP)