Thank You from Lora Bell

Thank You

Lora BellThank you for the confidence you have placed in me to proceed as your elected Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller for our county. It is with much gratitude, thought and prayer that I move forward to continue to serve you in this capacity.

I have chosen this opportunity as opposed to making it political at an earlier time, to convey to you my feelings in regards to the initial transition that took place in this office on November 12, 2014. There have been comments made throughout the last couple of years, questioning my character, in regards to the employee changes which have taken place within this office. I will tell you that there are always two sides to every story and if you were not affiliated with our office during the last several years of operation, you would not be aware of the controversy and chaos that filled the environment. With the loss of our beloved clerk, Ms. Linda Cook, the transition of moving from the old courthouse and adjustments made to move forward as well as welcoming the interim clerk, Mr. Harold Bazzel and the 2014 election that took place during that time, we had an amazing opportunity to show strength and unison in support for our clerk as well as one another. Unfortunately, that did not happen for several of our employees.  I am a strong believer in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have always believed in treating others with respect and love, knowing that we are all created by God and equal with no one being better than anyone. I knew that if I was elected that there would be changes that should be embraced by each of us who were blessed to work with the clerk’s office.  I did implement changes immediately to resolve the chaos and controversy and those who chose to embrace the changes and reap the benefits have kept their positions and I am forever grateful to every one of them. The most valued and important change was to focus on who has given us these jobs, remembering that we do not work for ourselves but for the citizens of Washington County. We should conduct ourselves in such a way that would make you proud of your office.  I vowed to recognize my obligation to stand for what was right if God found it to be in his favor that I would be chosen for this job. I will always stand for what is right as it is my responsibility to hold myself accountable as well as those who work in the office with me.

As I have said many times in the past, this is your office, and you have placed your trust in me for its accountability. I value your faith and trust, considering it a great honor to continue serving you. Please know that I am always happy to share the reasoning behind any decisions that I have made or will make in the future to benefit this office and those we serve.


Lora C. Bell

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Lora C. Bell, Republican, for Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller