Washington County’s own veterans memorial

submitted by Gweneth Collins

Washington County’s Veterans Memorial is located on the North Wall of the Washington County Historical Society’s Museum on 7th Street in Chipley.  It features brass plaques honoring our veterans of several wars, the insignia of each military branch, flags, and a granite marker.

At the present the memorial has five brass plaques.  Washington County Historical Society gratefully acknowledges Gulf Power for our World War I plaque, Chipley Garden Club for World War II plaque, and Am Vets Post 7 for the Korean War plaque.  The Gulf War and Vietnam plaques were purchased with anonymous contributions.   Below the plaques sits a Patriots of America granite marker honoring those who gave their lives during Vietnam and the Gulf War.

The day these photographs were taken mannequins dressed in historical uniforms from the Museum’s military collection where also on display.  Weather permitting the manikins will be on display throughout the summer months.

Museum Director Dorothy Odom states, “If you haven’t been by the museum and seen our “World at War Wedding” display, it is worth the trip.  The dress is handmade from the groom’s parachute.  Recently we added a Bulletin Board to our wall in order to post items of interest to our veterans.  As we receive contributions, we will continue to expand our site to honor and memorialize our local heroes.  If anyone would like to make a contribution, please drop by the museum any Friday from 10AM until 2PM or give me a call at 638-0538.”