Wastewater Release

The Florida Division of Emergency Management State Watch Office has released an Incident Report for a Wastewater Release in Vernon.

Florida Division of Emergency Management
State Watch Office Incident Report
Main Information
Report #: 2017-4659
Status: Assigned
Reported to SWO on: 6/22/2017   08:37 ET
Severity: Local Incident
Description: Wastewater Release
This situation involves: Wastewater or Effluent Release
Affected Sectors: DEP District – Northwest, DEP OER Pensacola On-Call
Initial Report: Caller reports a Wastewater Release in Vernon. 1,000+ gallons of raw sewage released from a manhole due to heavy rains impacting the area. No storm drains or waterways impacted. Clean-up actions have been completed.
Injuries: No
Fatalities (Unconfirmed by State Medical Examiner): No
Environmental impact: Yes
  DEP callback requested: No
Incident Occurred: 6/21/2017   12:00 ET
Most Recent Update Date/Time: 06/22/2017-08:43 ET
Most Recent Update: N/A
Affected Counties: Washington
Facility Name or Description:
Incident Location: Street 1: Spool Mill Road Street 2: Dawkins Street City: Vernon
Coordinates: Lat: 30.621213, Long: -85.71672
Contact Information
Reporting Party: Name: Ronald, City of Vernon |Call Back Number 1: 850-260-2277 |Address:
Responsible Party: Unknown
On-Scene Contact: Unknown
Wastewater or Effluent
Sub-Type: Wastewater
Situation: Past Report
Description: Wastewater Release
Name of System: City of Vernon Wastewater Treatment Plant
Type of System: Municipal
Release occurred from a: Manhole
Release occurred from a: Raw sewage
Release Cause: Rain
Release status: Ceased
Date release ceased: 6/21/2017
Time release ceased: 16:00  ET
Release contained on-site at a water reclamation facility: No
Amount of release, in gallons: 1,000+
Release enter a storm water system: No
Affected waterway a source of drinking water: No
Status of Cleanup Actions: Complete
Description of clean-up actions: Applied chlorine
Notification 06/22/2017-08:43 / DEM-Runtschke