Multiple drug arrests

Washington County Sheriff’s Office had another busy weekend resulting in multiple drug arrests.

Gary Duane Rabon

In the very early morning hours of June 3, Deputy Landon Fries observed a vehicle traveling northbound on S.R. 77 in an erratic manner. After conducting the traffic stop, the deputy immediately noticed the vehicle tag was expired and the driver was exhibiting strange behaviors that caused concern. The driver, identified as Gary Duane Rabon, 59, of Bonifay Florida, advised the deputy that he was aware the vehicle tag was not valid.

The deputy requested that Rabon exit the vehicle. Upon doing so, Rabon consented to a search of his person which revealed a glass pipe and approximately 5 grams of a crystallized substance known as methamphetamine.

A short time later, during a search of Rabon’s vehicle, the deputy also located a small digital scale.

Rabon was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) with the intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jean Elizabeth Pearsall

Just after 11:00 pm, on the same day, Washington County Telecommunication Center received a call reporting a possible theft from a store located on Main Street in Vernon. Responding to the call, WCSO deputies encountered a female subject, matching the description provided, who identified herself as Elizabeth Cressey.

During this time, dispatch was unable to confirm the subject’s name. After attempting to pull away from the deputies, as they were placing her under arrest, the subject was placed in the patrol car.

The subject was then observed partially out of her restraints and chewing on an unknown substance. After initially refusing, the subject eventually spit several different types of pills on the ground. The deputies were able to identify several of the pills by their markings, one being a controlled substance.

Deputies placed the subject back in the patrol car after the subject repeatedly denied having possession of any other illegal substances. At this time, still unable to confirm the name and date of birth provided, Deputy Fries transported the suspect to the Washington County Jail for booking. Upon arrival, the suspect was searched again and a glass pipe was found in the private area of her person. During booking the subject provided a second name and date of birth that was again unable to be confirmed.

The following day the subject provided a third name which enabled the deputy to confirm the suspect’s identity as 41-year-old Jean Elizabeth Pearsall.

Pearsall has been charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a new legend drug without a prescription, resisting arrest without violence, destruction of evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia, introduction of contraband into a detention facility, and two counts of fraud by intentionally giving a false name to a law enforcement officer.

Pearsall was also booked on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation out of Bay County.

Darryl Lynn Taylor Jr.

On June 5th, just before 5:00 am, Deputy Landon Fries observed a white male standing on the sidewalk near Brickyard Road and Falling Waters Road. Upon identifying the man as 39-year-old Darryl Lynn Taylor Jr., the deputy also received information on a confirmed outstanding Indiana warrant. During a search, it was revealed that Taylor was in possession of a loaded syringe. When questioned, Taylor advised the deputy that methamphetamine was loaded in the syringe.

Confirming the admission of Taylor, the deputy received a positive field test result for methamphetamine.

Taylor was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail on the charge of possession of methamphetamine.

If you have any knowledge of crimes being committed, or tips, please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 850-638-6111. You may also contact them anonymously by calling 850-638-TIPS (8477) or by email at

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  1. You know a lot of you people completely surprise me. You get caught with drugs, go to jail, get out and a few weeks later get caught for drugs again. When are the sheriffs departments going to keep the criminal in jail ? I thought that the revolving jail door thing was going to stop at some point. People that work constantly to be in jail need to stay in there a while. If you’re going to let them out in three days, these kinds of people need something to do. There’s plenty of garbage that needs to be picked up, up and down these roads. Assign each offender a road that they must keep clean, less time to get into trouble. Good behavior and following directions, gets a reward. You’d be surprised that the smallest thing can be a cure for some peoples actions.

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