FDOE releases 3rd grade Florida Standards Assessments

Friday, May 19, Florida Department of Education released 3rd grade Florida Standards Assessments in English Language Arts.  Washington County School District is pleased to report 3rd grade scores remain above state average and percentage of students above level 3 increased. Research indicates that students who are on grade level in Reading at 3rd grade increase their probability of graduation.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of the students, staff and parents in reaching this high achievement.  64% proficiency places our scores in the top third of the states report.

3rd Grade                             2015                                       2016                                       2017

State Average                      53%                                     54%                                       58%

Washington County           57%                                    62%                                    64%

These are the first release of scores and all other grade levels and subjects are expected in the next few weeks.