AIAA members tour F35

Ponce de Leon High School science and aerospace teacher Brittany Brown recently attended a technical talk on the F35 presented by United States Air Force pilot Lt. Col. Tucker Hamilton. The distinguished lecture event, hosted by the Northwest Florida section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, provided technical information about the progress of F35 testing, as well as Lt. Col. Hamilton’s flight text experience as an experimental fighter test pilot. Following the lecture, participants were provided a tour of the next generation aircraft at Eglin Air Force Base, where they saw first hand the features of the new aircraft.

Professional and educator members of AIAA enjoyed a tour of the F35.

Ponce de Leon High School teacher Brittany Brown, left, asks Lt. Col. Tucker Hamilton about the design of the F35 during the tour. Hamilton is a long-time supporter of STEM education in Northwest Florida and earlier this year the STEM-ed group he founded helped to bring Brown’s students to Eglin Air Force Base for a flight line tour.

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  1. What a great teacher totally devoted to her students that’s exciting to see that some teachers still care and go out of their way to help other students

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